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If you own a home in Zirakpur, odds are you planning a complete makeover or just need a small change for big impact. If it is so, then it’s time to put together a checklist of latest home improvement trends. Here’s all there is to know about the emerging trends:

Go Natural with Succulents

You can begin with small desk plants and work your way up to large plants that need attention in a room. A mini rooftop deck space is also a great way to relax and grow your plants in. Ensure to do enough research on watering and sunlight before committing to any plant.

Incorporate Smart Home Improvement Automation Options

It’s high time to update your home with smart home advancements if you want to enjoy convenient, energy saving, flexible smart features. You’ll be then surprised how you ever lived without them. You can consider adding: Smart TVs and entertainment systems that allows you to stream popular apps across your smartphone, computer or tablet, Wi-Fi connected security systems, cameras and door locks and smart light bulbs that change to colors and shades of white to create mood lighting.

Be Bold with Matte Black

The trend of Matte black is no more limited to the beauty world. It has made its way into our homes. Matte black gives a bold and sophisticated look to the kitchen. And we are expected to see a lot more of this bold look on appliances and cabinets everywhere.

Refresh Outdoors

The exterior of your home should not be neglected. You can improve your home look by repainting the front door. It is one of the least expensive options Even a little pomp of color in the front of your home can improve your home’s curb appeal.

Pay Attention to Little Details

Little details that are often ignored, can now be seen of greater significance. Natural materials are now given more preference over synthetic synthetic substitutes in the home. Things such as soft focus lamps are used to simulate natural daylight while candles are now used to create a warm ambiance inside the home.

Reupholstering Old Things

The rising financial uncertainty has led to the current trend of reupholstering old items rather than buying the new ones. You can also achieve this through ‘mend and make do’ principle. Like you can reupholster your old chairs with new fabrics, repainting existing cabinets or stenciling cupboards. There are many flea markets that offer an exciting treasure trove of items that may appear little tattered but can be restored to their former glory with minimal efforts.

Reduce Home’s Carbon Footprint

However, there are many ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your home. But, the simplest one is to add insulation to the attic and get the best ROI as well. This will also help you save heating and cooling costs. Additionally, as eco-friendly or energy-efficient homes have higher resale value than ordinary homes, you’ll easily recoup the cost.

It doesn’t matter which home improvement trends you choose. Just make sure whatever you do will help to improve your home’s comfort energy efficiency, resale value and aesthetics. After all, any home improvement done is only going to make you reap big rewards for the years to come.

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