kids room

Just doing up your kids room aesthetically won’t work, you need to ensure that it radiates the positivity. And there are certain things that can help your kid achieve the same. Here are a few tips for your kids room decor to help them stay happy, confident and positive.


Balance your child’s room decor properly. Neither leaves it too boring nor too bright. A good combination of subtle and bright colors is best. Don’t paint the ceilings in bright colors as it may cause a depression in the child. Instead, keep them in white or off-white.


The furniture in your kids room should be placed a few inches away from the walls so as to not obstruct the flow of positive vibes. Also, you should avoid the box bed and make sure the bed is made of solid wood. The study table should be placed in the direction so that the child faces east or north-east while studying.


Natural light or sunlight is must to energize the space and lift energy. Also, see that the shadow of your child doesn’t fall anywhere at any time of the day. So the room should be well-lit and airy to let the child’s mind grow and expand. You can find the similar feature at Bliss Orra 3 BHK flats in Zirakpur. These flats allow the ample amount of natural daylight or sunlight to enter in without any obstruction.

Education zone:

The north-east direction of the home is considered to be an education zone. Place a crystal globe in the north-east zone of your kids room. Make sure space is clutter-free to allow unobstructed growth, knowledge and learning. Moreover, pay attention to the west of the south-west zone as this direction leads to increased levels of concentration and hard work by putting child’s book in this direction.

Door, window or mirror:

Avoid any hanging sign or board on the door as it fosters negative energy like aggression and ego clashes between children and their parents. Also, make sure that there is no direct door, window or mirror in front of the bed to stay away from lack of sleep and hypertension, which may lead to insomnia. Mirrors may block positivity and create weird illusions, if you don’t fully focus your vision on it. Mirror bounces all the kinds of energy and disturbs the peace needed in the bedroom for a sound sleep.

Do not keep the television in your kids room. Also, avoid serving meals to your kid in a bedroom, especially on the bed. You should only stick to the dining room for that. And in fact, it is not required at all as flats for sale in Zirakpur by Bliss Orra consist of a huge dining room that can serve all the needs very well.

And most of all, try to keep your child’s room neat and tidy regularly. The room should not be untidy and cluttered as it will attract only negative energy and weigh your kid down.

At Bliss Orra, you’ll find almost everything. Here your kids will find the peace and ultimately the positivity with pleasure. So, gift your kid a slice of life with a side of wellness.

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